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Quit apologizing for rich, full-flavored beverages…the craft beer industry certainly doesn’t!

American imperial stout: F. Martin Ramin for the Wall Street Journal

I just finished an interesting article on strong beers in the Wall Street Journal…all about imperial stouts weighing in at 9-11% alcohol. The craft beer industry is falling all over itself to bottle and can stronger and stronger beer, while the wine world (championed by born-again critics and winemakers alike) is busy apologizing for the rich, intense wines (often with higher alcohol levels) it used to bottle; now favoring lighter (color and flavor), higher acid wines! I remember when I was proud to have “graduated” out of light, plonky, fizzy beer with about 3.5% alcohol, to craft beers with flavor, color, and extract. Now, I am made to feel like I am wearing a coat of some rare exotic fur for crafting and consuming rich, full-flavored wines. I am sorry, for NOT being sorry! Some call it a natural progression, I call de-evolution!



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3 Responses to Quit apologizing for rich, full-flavored beverages…the craft beer industry certainly doesn’t!

  1. BRAVO!

    When I first tasted the ’08 Esperance I could not believe the 15%+. The balance was amazing. I’ve recently tried some local (805) wines that were “labeled” at 15.8% and they rock’d! Not the least bit overly fat. Of course we both know with the TTB, the real % is likely higher….but the point is that there was good acid, good fruit, good balance…..seems to be points some seem to miss when putting 14%+ alcohol on blast.

    I wrote something I called “Wine Civil War – Why Do We Do It?” Seems there are far too many divisive aspects in the wine world. Many say “drink what you like” but yet put out the blast…..”oak vs no oak, this region or that region, alcohol levels at this point or lower.” I truly appreciate all styles, including 13% or less. The constant finger pointing relating to wine scores and the American palette……guess I still haven’t been able to figure out why it’s an issue. I’m American, and I drink what I like.

    I can make any of my wines in my possession pair. Food friendly has never been an issue for me. Maybe the other guys don’t know how to pair food (joke) or sell wine? No need to apologize for making kick butt wines! Balanced cheers!

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